BIM Intro Video transcript

Tena koe Minita, nau mai, haere mai, ki Te Tari Taiwhenua. Greetings Minister. Welcome to DIA. I’m Paul James, Chief Executive here.

I’m looking forward to working with you over the next three years to deliver your priorities.

DIA has responsibility and host and looks after a diverse range of functions. That means that we’ve also built a diverse range of capabilities.

We’re located throughout many different communities. We work in and around communities. We provide services direct to New Zealanders.

We have digital structure, transformation, expertise, policy and legislation and regulatory services. We can bring those together in support of your priorities.

It also means there’s opportunities to join up, really connect and leverage across multiple portfolios, and work with other parts of the public sector to deliver for New Zealander and New Zealanders.

Looking forward to working with you and supporting your priorities.

Kia ora.