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Our Ministerial Portfolios

Our Ministerial Portfolios

  • Seven Portfolios within a single Vote

    The Department administers seven Ministerial portfolios within a single Vote (Vote Internal Affairs)1 and is responsible to seven ministers. The portfolios are outlined in the table below.

  • Opportunities for collaboration between portfolio Ministers

    The range of portfolios and functions provide opportunities to connect and leverage advice across several areas to achieve portfolio objectives. The Department’s structure supports collaborative working arrangements between ministerial portfolios and across Government agencies to help make a collective impact.

  • Support for other ministerial functions

    The Department supports other ministers beyond its seven main portfolios. For example, we support the Minister for Treaty of Waitangi Negotiations in relation to the transfer of the Taupō Landing Recreation Reserve, and the Minister of Finance for Community Trust appointments.

Return to footnote1 referrer Votes are an appropriation or groupings of appropriations that are administered by one department. Appropriations are parliamentary authorisation for the Crown to incur expenses or capital expenditure that are administered by Ministers of the Crown.

Treaty of Waitangi

We have the honour of looking after some of New Zealand’s foundational taonga, including Te Tiriti o Waitangi, and preserving them for future generations.

Treaty of Waitangi

We have the honour of looking after some of New Zealand’s foundational taonga, including Te Tiriti o Waitangi, and preserving them for future generations.

Overview of Ministerial Portfolios

Portfolio Description
Community and Voluntary Sector Supporting a thriving and sustainable community and voluntary sector: The Minister is a vital champion for this sector. This portfolio offers opportunities to support and enhance the ability of the organisations, groups and volunteers that provide a huge range of services and support for people in New Zealand and overseas. The Department supports the Minister to deliver their priorities, as well as carrying out important operational functions such as administering grants funding and regulating registered charities.
Diversity, Inclusion and Ethnic Communities Flourishing ethnic diversity in a thriving New Zealand: This portfolio promotes social inclusion and supports the wellbeing of New Zealand’s diverse ethnic communities. The Minister leads the portfolio, strengthening the vital link between ethnic communities and Government, and is supported by the Office of Ethnic Communities to deliver initiatives that promote the benefits of ethnic diversity in Aotearoa New Zealand.
Digital Economy and Communications Leading the digital transformation of Government: This portfolio is focused on using digital technologies and data to transform the way the Government does business and to enable a more modern, agile and adaptive public service. The Minister sets the portfolio’s priorities and policy direction, works with other Ministers to identify and leverage digital opportunities across Government, and works closely with the Government Chief Digital Officer, a role held by the Department’s Chief Executive, to drive digital transformation in the public service.
Internal Affairs Providing services and support to people, communities and Government: This diverse portfolio provides the Minister with opportunities and responsibilities across a range of areas. These include citizenship and identity services, combatting child exploitation and violent extremism online, gambling regulation, fire and emergency services, and the stewardship of Government records and New Zealand’s documentary heritage. The Department supports the Minister with a range of regulatory and service delivery responsibilities in these areas.
Local Government Supporting local government to function effectively and modernising the local government regulatory system: The Minister is responsible for the local government system and for leading work to ensure that it is fit to meet long-term challenges. The sector is facing a period of significant change in the provision and management of Three Waters services (drinking water, wastewater, stormwater) and resource management, as well as responding to COVID-19, climate change, and challenges to governance settings. The Department partners with local government to achieve the Government’s policy objectives for the sector, and also with other central Government agencies to ensure the impact of their work on local government is considered.
Ministerial Services Supporting trust and confidence in the operation of the Executive: The Department supports the Minister to ensure members of the Executive have access to the services and support they need to fulfil their ministerial responsibilities, and Ministers understand their obligations for the use of public resources. This portfolio also oversees arrangements for official Guest of visits and national commemorative events, which are opportunities to promote New Zealand’s interests, overseas relationships, and national identity.
Racing Supporting the long-term viability of the racing industry: This portfolio is responsible for the regulatory settings under which the racing industry operates. A large reform programme to revitalise the industry and contribute to its ongoing sustainability is nearing completion. The Department supports the Minister to deliver the portfolio’s priorities, including the remaining tasks and decisions required to complete the reforms.
  • Vote Internal Affairs

    The Minister of Internal Affairs is the Vote Minister and the Responsible Minister overseeing the Government’s ownership interests in the Department. This role includes responsibility for Vote Internal Affairs, accountability for the overall performance of the Department, and responsibility for tabling the Department’s Statement of Intent and Annual Report in the House of Representatives.

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