Regulatory function

The Department administers more than 150 Acts and Regulations 5 and leads or has joint responsibility for 14 regulatory systems.

These systems link to four ministerial portfolios that we support (Internal Affairs, Local Government, Community and Voluntary Sector, and Racing). As part of its stewardship responsibility, the Department monitors and regularly reviews the performance of its regulatory systems. Our responsibilities also include policy and legislative design, implementation support for changes to systems and supporting good regulatory practice.

Stewardship is one of five public service principles in the Public Service Act 2020. 6 Regulatory stewardship is a system-based approach to the design and maintenance of regulatory systems. It treats each regulatory system as an asset, designed with long-term sustainability in mind requiring regular assessment and maintenance to ensure they remain fit for purpose. Taking a stewardship approach helps to mitigate the risk of regulatory failure. The approach also provides insight into how systems can be strengthened and made to be more effective.

Return to footnote 5 referrer Exact numbers may change due to Acts and Regulation being transferred to/from the Department, being repealed or not yet in force. As at August 2020 the Department administers 112 Acts (including Local Legislation Acts) and 45 sets of regulations. Three Acts are enforced by the Department but not administered by it. If other pieces of legislation, including all legislative instruments, are counted, the Department administers and/or enforces a total of 216 pieces of legislation.

Return to footnote 6 referrer The five principles are: politically neutral, free and frank advice to Ministers, merit-based appointments, open Government and stewardship.